We all love steaks. This is because of the tender and flavorful taste that they have. However, preparing them can be a challenge.

You must have the right tools to do the job well. Regarding that, you must have a knife that is efficient and reliable when slicing meats. Having said so, serrated knives are the best ones to use.

They are known to have teeth that are perfect for penetrating meat. Aside from that, there are other reasons why they have such form.

In this article, we will discuss the topic of why are steak knives serrated?. This will give you an idea of why you should use it for your next try in making those tasty steak dishes.

Let us start the article by enumerating the reasons why serrated knives are good for steak.

  • Steak knives are serrated because it provides good grip to the meat which slices it but does not damage its texture. As a result, you’ll have better-looking and most especially excellent-tasting steaks in no time.
  • Serration can allow the flavorings to come out because of the stronger penetration that you can apply. This is why tastier steaks can be achieved.
  • It allows you to have a better grasp of the meat which leads to faster turnaround time. You can be able to have more productivity with the use of serrated knives.
  • Also, the teeth-like appearance will help you lessen the instances of you re-sharpening those knives from time to time.
  • Serrated knives are also proven durable which is perfect for hard meat. It will not deteriorate easily even if you will use it every day on hard-textured meats.
  • There are also lesser instances of injuries with the use of serrated knives. This is because it does not have a dangerous pointed tip compared to its counterparts.
  • Serration on the knife allows the user to exert lesser force. This is because of the “hooking effect” that serrated knives give on the object to be spliced.

Serrated Knives versus Normal Knives

Aside from being more expensive than normal knives, serrated knives do possess a lot of benefits if you use them. This is the reason why you should not hold back in trying it.

Let us compare the two to help you in your buying decision.

  • If we will compare the lifespan of both knives, serrated knives tend to last more. This is because they are made of thicker materials as they do not depend on a sole pointed tip to penetrate objects.
  • Serrated knives will always be comfier to hold as they usually have an ergonomic handle.  Being ergonomic holds a lot of possible benefits. One of the most significant benefits is you’ll not strain your hands even if you use the knife extensively.
  • They will not cost you money for maintenance. Unlike the traditional knives, more often is you will encounter serrated knives that do not need any re-sharpening in their lifetime. This will spare your budget from buying a sharpening tool.
  • You will have the privilege to safeguard yourself from cuts, pierces, or other kinds of injuries.

Does owning a serrated knife hard?

Some people are reluctant in buying a serrated knife for the reason that it is new to the knowledge of people thus just resorting out to the use of conventional knives. This is the mentality that we must take away completely from our minds.

We must try out new products that will make our lives easier. One way is by using serrated knives. It will make your cooking experience much better as preparation will be much easier and comfier for you.

You’ll not lose anything because the price of serrated knives is almost just the same as the traditional ones. There is not much of a difference! It will just come to the question of how durable is the serrated knife that you’ll about to buy.

Well, it is expected that the price depends usually on the quality that you will be getting. The more premium the serrated knife, the higher its price. But do not worry, before you lose your enthusiasm for serrated knives, we have compiled the best affordable steak knives on this site as well.

Among the list were steak knives that are just waiting for your purchase. You’ll surely have the best choice as there are variations to choose from. It will just come on what features are you looking for and most especially the budget ceiling that you have set.


You don’t want to miss out on having better tasting steaks that are easier to prepare. One big step is by having your first serrated knife. Trust us, it will make your life easier most especially if you frequently prepare steaks for your family.

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We have proven that in this article. This manifests that this knife will bring you a bounty of benefits that you will love. Do not forget that there are other types of knives for each use that is why knowing them can make you work in a more efficient way.

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