There is no doubt that a lot of us love steaks. So it is a great attribute if you know how to prepare and cook one. There is no doubt that one of the most popular ways is cooking steak on a flat top grill.

It is efficient in making the steak tender and juicy. Mostly, flat-top grills are spacious. As a result, you can put in a lot more ingredients compared to other ways of cooking steaks.

We can say that a best portable flat top grill will give a lot of versatility to the one who will cook the steak. So in this article, we will tackle all about how to cook steak on flat top grill. But before that, let us have some introduction about flat top grills and steaks.

The Advantages of Cooking Steak in a Flat Top Grill

There are significant advantages that you can experience by using a flat top grill. Let us enumerate them in this part of the article.

  • Compared to propane, more efficient searing will happen in a flat top grill. This is because it helps retain moisture on the meat resulting in better texture and taste.
  • It is also much safer compared to propane.
  • The even distribution of heat will allow you to have plenty of space to work with. As a result, you’ll get a better texture on the meat that you are cooking.

How to cook steak on a flat top grill?

The next question is how to cook steak on a flat top grill? Believe it or not, it is super easy. You have to work on 450 to 500 degrees F temperature to achieve perfect searing.

Just ensure that you season the steak properly with salt and pepper. This will make the experience more desirable for our taste buds.

Here are the steps that you should follow to make it possible.

  • After seasoning the meat with salt and pepper with olive oil, ready the grill and put the steaks on it.
  • Put it on high heat then allow the meat to sear for a while.
  • You must go for a solid light brown shading on every side before lowering the heat to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • However, the cooking time varies. It is reliant on how thick and big the meat is. In another section of this article, we will try to tackle that.
  • You must allow the steaks to take some time off after grilling for approximately 5 minutes.
  • You will notice that the moisture will be evident on the steaks’ surface. Keep it going for now and wait for it to be absorbed by the meat.
  • You will know that the meat is already cooked by pressing it or by using a meat thermometer. A cooked steak will have a firm and a few moist will come out every time you press it.

The Approximate Cooking Time for Steaks

Here is the possible time that you can consume when cooking steaks according to their condition.

  • Medium rare: 3-5 mins. at 135 degrees F
  • Medium: 5-7 mins. at 140 degrees F
  • Medium-well: 8-10 mins. at 150 degrees F
  • Well: 10-12 mins at 160 degrees F

Well at first it could be a little tricky to determine if the particular steak is already cooked. However, as time passes by you’ll master the skill eventually.

Throughout the years that I am cooking, I can say that you should not flip the steaks using a fork. It will just release the moisture and freshness out of the meat.

Top Steak Cuts for Grilling

Now we know the various steps in finally cooking your first steak, you must know its different cuts. Although all kinds of cuts will be good enough some have more advantage than the others.

 Here are some examples of the top steak cuts for the flat top grill:

  • New York Strip Cuts: It is somehow thinner but the marbling is exceptional. As a result, you can expect that they will cook much quicker compared to their counterparts. The fat will melt significantly on the meat cuts which will make it tastier. Some of the lesser popular types of cuts that are also like this are the grilled flank steak and T-bone.
  • Chateaubriand: It is thicker that is why it is advised that you will cook them on lower heat but for longer periods. If you are bulking, this type of cut is much desirable. A lot of bodybuilders preferred this because they have more protein content compared to their counterparts.

Although you can cook almost anything on a flat top grill, it is advisable to go for thicker cuts. Regarding that, I use a reverse sear method to ensure that I will get the maximum potential of the meat. It results in a moist, tastier, and better texture meat.

The Toppings

There are different toppings that you can put on your steak to enhance its taste. Although it is not always mandatory to put toppings on your steak recipe, it is better to have some.

Here are some of the most favorite toppings that I love to put on my steak recipe:

  • Homemade sauce
  • Onions
  • Mushrooms
  • Bell peppers

It is necessary for a steak to be well done?

It does not matter if you will cook the steak well done or not. The most important thing is you cook them thoroughly to the point that you will not see areas that are still raw.

It all goes to your preferences. But be sure not to overcook them because the texture might become too leathery. Also, I prefer the rib-eye ones when it comes to choosing the cuts. We can see the fats marbling on its surface which makes it tasty when cooked.


Now we have tackled how to cook steak on a flat top grill, you’ll now become more confident in cooking it. Eventually, you’ll be able to create more recipes from it.

What you need is more practice to get the taste and texture that you are looking for. You will notice the improvement in the taste and that’s for sure.

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